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Medical Outreach to Tsar Mbaduku

Centre for Health Systems Support (CHESIDS), in partnership with Integrated Initiative for Women and Youth, carried out a medical outreach at Tsar Mbaduku, Vandekiya Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. This was a collaborative effort to improve access to targeted health services for resource – constrained and underserved populations. The event held on 20th August, 2016 at Tsar Mbaduku community and had over 150 people in attendance.

Medical Outreach to Tsar Mbaduku 1

Community members received information on Nutrition, Malaria, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections and High Blood Pressure.

Community members were offered examination and screening for: Blood pressure, Blood glucose, Malaria and HIV. Those who tested positive to malaria were administered anti-malarial drugs while those with abnormal blood pressure, blood glucose and HIV test results received referrals and/or prescriptions depending on their test results and medical history.

Vitamin A supplements were administered to children below five (5) years.

Collaborative Partnership to Deliver Services to Children Under-Five During MNCH Week in Benue State Nigeria

CHESIDS in collaboration with FENAM* and PAMAI** supported the Benue state ministry of Health in Nigeria to deliver services during its Maternal and Child Health Week (MNCHW) in July 2015.

The MNCHW is held twice a year across the 36 states in Nigeria. The goal of the MNCHW is to contribute to health system strengthening through improved promotion, delivery and utilization of health and nutrition services by women and children.

CHESIDS as part of its objectives to support health system strengthening and promote better health outcomes for resource constrained and underserved communities in Nigeria, entered into a collaborative partnership with PAMAI and FENAM to support the delivery of services to Under-Fives during the MNCHW.  CHESIDS secured a stock of anti-helminthic and vitamin A supplements from Vitamin Angels Inc through PAMAI. 

CHESIDS facilitated the distribution of these commodities to the relevant state authorities and onwards to communities where they were administered.  In doing this, CHESIDS successfully boosted the availability of appropriate stock of commodities of Albendazole for children aged 12- 59 months and vitamin A supplements for children aged 6-59 months in Gwer East, Makurdi, Gboko, Kwande, Vandeikya and Guma Local Government Areas of Benue State, Nigeria.


As a result of our support, an additional number of 36,000 children received vitamin A supplements and 30,784 children received Albendazole during the exercise. Previous reports from several states show that timely and sufficient supply of commodities can be a bottleneck in effective delivery of services during MNCH week, another constraint identified was resource constraints for distribution of the commodities to the target locations where they are to be administered.

Through this partnership, CHESIDS was able to support the state in overcoming some of these barriers thereby increasing the number of children who benefitted from the services during MNCH week.

Partners are: Federation of Female Nurses and Midwives (FENAM) and Poverty & Associated Maladies Alleviation Initiative (PAMAI).

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