Who We Are

We are CHESIDS (Centre for Health Systems Support and Initiatives for Development). Registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-profit organization, we’re working to end preventable sickness among women and children; building community resilience; partnering with youths for health, and strengthening health systems.

What We Care About

Ending preventable sickness and death among women and children

Strengthening the roles of youths in health and development

Supporting the emergence of resilient and sustainable systems for health.

Forging healthy partnerships

Healthy partnerships help us achieve our goals. We work with Individuals, Communities, Corporate Institutions, Government Agencies (Domestic and Foreign), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Multilateral organizations.


We are a group of dedicated professionals with a combined wealth of strong and demonstrable experience in diverse sectors such as health, education, youth empowerment, human resource management. We bring a combined experience of more than 30 years in the development sector with international, national and sub-national experiences.

How Can You Help?

We believe in collaborative work. You can volunteer your time, your expertise or donate to our cause.